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about us

What we do?

We search for more options for students 

Because it is important that you select the right option for your career. So we offer students as many options as possible. We provide a qualitatively analysed list of university courses, professional courses, and online courses. These courses are provided by several different institutes and can cover many courses of interest.

We do understand that there at times when it might help to understand and explore your options. There might be stages where students need more knowledge about areas of training and different form of training available to them. They may need more knowledge about scholarships, funding, admission process, etc. So we have a large resource section that can help students at each step of their education.

We provide online training solution

We offer online training on several topics from business to computing and some of the topics that we cover are available on this site for students to buy. We are solving need of students who want any time avaialblity and easy to digest tough topics so if you buy any of our course we will aim to deliver better than your expectation solution.

We help professional course providers

We do work as an affiliate for several professional course providers. So if you buy training from them we will make a small commission on your purchase. This also helps course providers and trainers with a platform to exhibute their training to prospective students.

We help online trainers

We do work as an affiliate for several online training providers. So if you buy products from them we will make a small commission on your purchase. This also helps online trainers as we provide them with a platrofm to exhibute their training to the prospective students.

We help Universities

Because most of the universities have vast amount of courses that are under advertised so we provide them addational exposure to them. This also helps students to look at the deepth of offering from various reputed universities and helps us to earn a small fee for refering the students if they go on to make a purchase after clicking the link on our site.

An educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life.

We aid in self-learning

We provide practical training

We help to select right training

We provide career guidance online