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CIW Network Technology Associate Online Training with Live Labs and Exam (1D0-61C)


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Course Description Prepare to master the basics of business networking and gain a qualification that is proof of your skills for a wide range of business and technology-orientated careers. This course-exam package enables learners with little or no prior subject knowledge to complete the study modules and enter for the exam which, if passed, leads to CIW Network Technology Associate certification. The basics of networking, including Internet protocols and network security, are crucial to every modern business. All that is needed to undertake this course and take the exam is a familiarity with an operating system such as Microsoft Windows 7. It is aimed at: Students at high school or college – seeking a place in higher education or their first career position Professionals in a wide range of sectors which actively benefit from Internet technology, including: Information technology Healthcare Law Marketing Graphic Design Upon completion of the course and passing the exam, students can add this qualification to their academic achievements, while professionals can increase their existing skill set and raise their value in their current employment. Key learning points The course The modules on the course delve deep into network technology, from networking components and standards to connecting to the Internet and taking advantage of its multitude of services, through to hardware and devices and how to deal with network and cloud security risks. Content includes: Essential networking technologies and skills, including TCP/IP, stable network creation, wireless networking and network troubleshooting Various network components and protocols that enable users to share data quickly and easily Various types of transmission media, and the ways that network architecture and topologies provide for efficient and secure communication OSI reference model and its relationship to packet creation, plus the OSI model vs. the Internet architecture model Functions and features of internetworking server types, and the benefits of implementing a Content Management System (CMS) Basic hardware and operating system maintenance procedures Mobile computing devices and the importance of RFC documents Routing, IP addressing, IP address classes and subnet masks Routing, IP addressing, IP address classes and subnet masks Essential network security concepts, Internet-based challenges facing today’s users, and methods you can use to secure networks and network transmissions, including authentication, encryption and firewalls. The exam The CIW Network Technology Associate exam (1D0-61C) lasts for 30 minutes and contains 30 questions testing candidates’ knowledge of the content in the study modules – and their ability to apply it. To pass the exam, candidates will need to achieve a score of 63.33%, demonstrating a range of knowledge and skills in this discipline. Advantages of this course The CIW Network Technology Associate course-exam package provides clear evidence of having mastered the basics of networking. For students, this prepares them for higher education or for a good career entry position in a choice of business sectors. For professionals, it increases their base skills and raised their value and prospects within their current position. An official CIW Certification Practice Exam is available, which enables candidates to instantly evaluate their level of knowledge and readiness to become certified. New lesson quizzes are also available on CIW Online, and can be found on each of the lesson pages in the Online Resources. Exam scores may be challenged if candidates feel there is a legitimate reason for doing so, such as a question mark over the validity of item content. COURSE OUTLINE Introduction to NetworkingOverview of Networks and ProtocolsTelephony and ConvergenceNetworkingNetworking EvolutionClient/Server ModelNetwork Operations Center (NOC)Networking CategoriesNetwork TopologiesNetwork Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows ServersUNIX/LinuxThe Need for ProtocolsOSI Reference ModelData EncapsulationPacketsOSI/RM Protocol ExamplesTransmission ControlProtocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)Binding ProtocolsLocal Area Network (LAN)Wide Area Network (WAN)Internet Exchange Point (IXP)Networking Components and StandardsOverview of NetworkingComponentsCommon Network ComponentsTransmission MediaWireless Network TechnologiesTransmission TypesIEEE LAN StandardsCarrier SystemsVirtualizationConnecting to the InternetIntroduction to Connecting to theInternetMobile ComputingMobile Devices and CloudComputingConfiguring a Wireless NetworkFourth-Generation (4G) WirelessTCP/IPInternet ArchitectureInternet ProtocolsDemultiplexingIntroduction to RoutingRouting ProtocolsPort NumbersInternet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4)Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)Configuring TCP/IPDiagnostic Tools for InternetTroubleshootingInternet ServicesOverview of Internet ServicesCloud ServicesReal-World Case Study:Internet ServersChoosing Web Server ProductsContent Management System (CMS)Hardware and Device ConnectivityIntroduction to Hardware andDevice ConnectivityMotherboardStorage DevicesNetwork Interface Card (NIC)Optical DiscsDevice ConnectivitySystem ManagementPreventive MaintenanceSoftware TroubleshootingNetwork and Cloud Security RisksImportance of Network SecurityBring Your Own Device (BYOD)Real-World Case StudyCloud Security ThreatsCloud Disaster RecoveryMalware (Malicious Software)Overview of Network Attack TypesDefeating Network AttacksAuthenticationEncryptionFirewallsSecurity ZonesVirtual Private Network (VPN)Security AuditOther Security Threats NOTE: The exam alone for this course can be found HERE : The Course without the exam can be found HERE. You Can ADD Live Tutor Support to Our Official CIW Courses HERE Course Detail Online Access : 1 YearCompatibility : Windows, MacExam Included : YesNeed to train your Team? Contact Us for Discounts on Multiple Subscription Purchases.


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